Traveling and Gathering Safely During Thanksgiving

Information, Tips, and Advice for the Holidays from Dr. Jennifer Everett, DO, at TriStar
Hendersonville Medical Center.

We are quickly approaching the holidays—Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and
then Hannukah and Christmas, among others, are not too far away. This holiday season
is much anticipated after a turbulent year and half. After so many of our plans changed
last year due to COVID-19, people are eager to travel and see their families once again.
With COVID-19 case numbers down and vaccinations available for children as young as
five years old, we are well on our way to defeating this virus. But it is still advised to take
measures that will help keep you and your loved ones healthy. Here are some important
tips that you can share with your family members, friends, and community this holiday

Traveling: Whether you are driving or taking a flight, tight quarters make the spread of
viruses easier, especially with crowded holiday travel. If you are traveling near anyone
outside of your “bubble,” be sure to mask up and use hand sanitizer as well as disinfect
high-touch surfaces. The smallest actions can make a substantial impact on protecting
your health.

Gathering: A whole family underneath one roof is the quintessential holiday experience.
Sadly, this also increases the risk of spreading illness. The safest option to mitigate the
spread of COVID-19 is to gather outdoors. But if you need to gather inside, it’s best to
open some windows to maximize ventilation or use an air purifier if you have one. In
addition, keep gatherings small to decrease the chances of possible exposure.
Ultimately, getting vaccinated (and your flu shot), frequent hand washing, and masking
when advised are the easiest ways to stay safe during the holidays. Whatever your
plans may be for the upcoming holiday season, take measures to limit the spread of
COVID-19 and the flu. It’s not just about protecting yourself—it is also about protecting
your family and friends. These small actions throughout the holiday season can go a
long way towards keeping your community safe.

Support is Here
Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce members recognize the challenges facing
families right now. Please consider your employer, the Hendersonville business
community, schools, and your local hospital systems as partners in keeping our
community safe and healthy. We are here for you!

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