Katherine Torkelsen - Promotion to COO for TriStar

Please congratulate Ms. Katherine Torkelsen on her promotion as TriStar’s Digital Connections new Chief Operations Officer!  We had the pleasure of finally celebrating our 15th year in business, which CV-19 caused the celebratory delay because of lockdown, so it finally allowed us the opportunity to all meet as a team and make the promotional announcement. 

I’ve known Katherine for many years and she has always conducted herself in the most professional manner, provided great sales performance to the company’s that she’s worked for and is a natural born leader.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and has been in the Pro AV world for many years, including 5 with TriStar.  She will be handling the day to day operations of the company and I will be in the background, providing any support or counsel she may need.  I am still accessible to you all, as well as I suspect she will be very busy so if she’s unavailable, you may reach out to me, any time.

Congratulations, Katherine!  We are so glad to have you in your new role and look for great things to happen for both you and TriStar!!!

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