Hendersonville Recognizes High School Seniors


 TO: All Media Members 

FROM: City of Hendersonville and The Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce 

DATE: May 8, 2020 


**For Immediate Release** 

The City of Hendersonville is proud to be partnering with the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce to honor the members of the Graduating Class of 2020 on the weekend of May 15-17, 2020. 

During the April 28 meeting of the Hendersonville Board of Mayor and Aldermen a Resolution sponsored by all 13 members of the Board was passed unanimously which stated: 

“Whereas the City of Hendersonville is proud to recognize the efforts of all students who would be celebrating graduation ceremonies at our local high schools and colleges throughout the country and whereas the City of Hendersonville wishes to honor these students by dedicating the weekend of May 15-17 as Graduate Weekend and whereas these graduates are to be honored and celebrated for their accomplishments; Now therefore be it resolved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen that May 15-17, 2020 be proclaimed Graduate Weekend in the City of Hendersonville”. 

The Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with the city to celebrate our graduates as well. The Chamber has produced a video with its President Kathleen Hawkins and Ward 4 Alderman Andy Bolt explaining various ways that the city residents and businesses can help celebrate the graduates and participate in graduate weekend. The Chamber of Commerce is encouraging all businesses to recognize the graduates on their marquees and for restaurants and retail to offer “Graduate Specials”. Residents are encouraged to place a ribbon around a tree or on their mailbox with the school colors of the high schools in the area or the color of their college graduate’s school. The Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition is also providing a banner of recognition to be placed on the Exit #y marquee recognizing the graduates. 

“This is a special time for graduates of all ages and their families and because of the current pandemic these graduates have missed out on many rites of passage. The least the city can do is honor them in this way, and I am proud of our entire Board of Mayor and Aldermen for unanimously supporting this resolution.” said Alderman Bolt. Kathleen Hawkins added, “The Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with the city to recognize these graduates. Being a parent of a Class of 2020 member myself, we know firsthand the importance of this season of life for these graduates and we encourage all our Chamber Members to help us celebrate Graduation Weekend.”

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