We still need your help!


Tell everyone you know to spread the word! Today, we are #CamdenBound! Tomorrow Cookeville, Monday Mt. Juliet! I will be at the Chamber from 9-5pm on Saturday and will be accepting donations then as well.


We are headed to take supplies to Benton County/Camden Chamber of Commerce now. People don't realize what they have endured this week as well, but this is what the Chamber sent us. "Our community has suffered greatly. The devastation is just awful. I personally was out all day today taking water, coffee and supplies to residents and emergency personnel. The devastation that I witnessed was just unreal. Lots of homes have been destroyed and many are severely damaged. Several of our citizens have been displaced and at this moment have only the clothes on their back. We have a pet sanctuary that was hit hard and is in need of supplies. Our Animal shelter has an abundance of displaced animals, so they are in need as well. We most certainly appreciate anything for our county at this moment, and it means the world to us that you have reached out with such generosity. "

Please let your customers know, it is our goal to go to Mt. Juliet and or Cookeville Friday or Monday and Nashville next week. Operation continue to fill our truck will continue all next week but each time we fill it, we provide relief!!!!


The supply drive will continue thru next week. The truck will be at the Chamber all week next week....we are adding work gloves, flash lights, phone chargers, and batteries to the list. Please help and drop off your donations if you can! Spread the word and help us promote please!!!!!

See below an email and a few photos from Camden Chamber


Thank you in advance for your support! #TennesseeStrong!

Kathleen Hawkins

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