What's Up with Keystone?

What’s Up With Keystone?

Eric Jackson

by Eric Jackson


Keystone turns 16 this fall. Instead of getting our learner’s permit and backing over the mailbox, we decided to do something far more dramatic this summer.

We’re giving birth: Element 47, LLC will be born on September 1, 2019.

What’s Element 47, you may ask? The Keystone Marketing team will henceforth be known as Element 47.

If you’re a student of Keystone business history, you’ll know that Keystone has always essentially been two businesses under one roof. Our teams (IT and Marketing) work in two different industries. IT does their thing; in marketing, we do ours. Everything we do is different. Different fees, different software needs. Different everywhere.

So if you’re a Keystone Marketing customer, our name is changing to Element 47. And our phone number is changing (629-234-0047.) Oh, and business cards too… you get the point. That’s about it… we’re the same people, in the same office (seriously, we’re not moving,) doing the same things, the same way we’ve always done them. Right.

If you work with Our IT / managed services team – led by Mike Miller – nothing changes. You’ll still be working with the same people, in the same office, doing the same things, the same way we’ve always done them. Right.

And when the Element 47 website is up in late August, won’t you please make a big fuss over us? We’ll appreciate it, for sure! More information as it becomes available!

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