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Electronics Recycling Solutions and Rockwood Sustainable Solutions form Working Partnership to provide e-waste solution to Wilson County Residents and Businesses and create jobs for Adults with Autism.

Electronics Recycling Solutions partners with Rockwood Sustainable Solutions to provide e-waste solution to Wilson County residents and businesses and create jobs for adults with Autism.

Gallatin TN, January 28, 2020: Electronics Recycling Solutions (ERS), Gallatin, TN has announced a working partnership with Rockwood Sustainable Solutions (RSS), Lebanon, TN in order to provide an e-waste solution to Wilson County Residents and Businesses and champion their cause, “to create jobs for adults with Autism and different learning disabilities.”

In 2017, Rebeckah Dopp, former special education teacher and Headmaster of Schools, decided to change careers from educator and administrator to entrepreneur and founder of Electronics Recycling Solutions. 

Dopp said, “While it was difficult to leave as Head of School, what we do at ERS is to serve the adult population of individuals on the Autism Spectrum where less than 20% are employed. It’s a national crisis.” 

Electronics Recycling Solutions provides training and employment for adults with Autism and different learning disabilities, while offering a green solution to electronics waste management.

Currently, ERS serves businesses in five counties in the Greater Nashville Region, has a working warehouse in Gallatin, a drop-off center in Hendersonville, and employs nine adults with Autism whose jobs range from customer service to disassembly to website management of their eBay store. “By partnering with Rockwood Sustainable Solutions, we are able to extend our reach and collect more electronics, which means that we can hire more employees. It’s a Win! Win!” said Dopp.


GALLATIN 545B Airport Road, Gallatin, TN

HENDERSONVILLE 287 Free Hill Road, Whs C Hendersonville, TN

WILSON COUNTY Rockwood Sustainable Solutions 510 Hartmann Dr., Lebanon


Contact: Rebeckah Dopp

Electronics Recycling Solutions

Phone 615.989.1010

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