Comcast Spotlight Rebrands as Effectv

Launches New Solutions to Drive Better Performance and Self-Service Tool for Small Business


On November 4, Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable announced that it has rebranded as Effectv (e-FEC-tiv), emphasizing its commitment to delivering measurable results for its clients. This name change follows a notable evolution of the company over the past year, including the rollout of new data-driven TV advertising strategies, targeting and attribution products, cross-screen capabilities and a self-service buying platform for advertisers.

“Our new name, Effectv, reflects our commitment to drive better performance for our advertising clients,” said Marcien Jenckes, President, Comcast Advertising. “By applying data to television advertising in new ways, across all screens, and making it easier to buy than ever before, we’re transforming TV advertising. We combine the targeting and measurement of digital, with the reach and impact of television – an unbeatable combination.”

The rebrand follows the launch of a key product this year – Effectv’s Ad Plannerallowing small business owners and local advertisers the independence to plan, design and manage advertising campaigns with a few clicks of a mouse at an affordable price. TV Ad Planner makes TV advertising more accessible and offers an alternative buying path for advertisers who prefer to use self-service portals like those offered by digital media platforms.

By creating a self-service portal, small businesses whose barrier to entry into TV advertising was affordability can now build a schedule based on their budget. In addition to being able to buy their own TV campaign, they can also create a TV spot in less than 72 hours within the portal, making TV Ad Planner a one-stop shop for small business advertising.

In addition, the company also announced the launch of two new products to bring greater addressability to television advertising:

  • Audience Intelligence allows advertisers to plan and run data-informed linear TV schedules to more effectively identify and reach their target audiences, moving beyond age/gender demographics.
  • Addressable Full Avail is a linear TV product that enables advertisers to target custom audience segments at the household level.

“Our new name reinforces our mission of partnering with clients to deliver results that matter to them,” said Maria Weaver, Chief Marketing Officer, Comcast Advertising. “With the rollout of Effectv’s product suite over the past year, we can offer clients solutions to find their customers, target those audiences, report on delivery, and most importantly, prove effectiveness.”



About Effectv

Effectv, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, helps local, regional and national advertisers use the best of digital with the power of TV to grow their business. It provides multi-screen marketing solutions to make advertising campaigns more effective and easier to execute. Headquartered in New York with offices throughout the country, Effectv has a presence in 66 markets with nearly 35 million owned and represented subscribers. For more information, visit

TV Ad Planner is live in 57 Comcast markets, with the final six markets launching later this year. To learn more about Comcast Spotlight TV Ad Planner, visit

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