HACOC is a Resource for all Businesses

Forget Membership, The Hendersonville Chamber is a Resource for all Businesses. 

With approximately 800 members, the Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce is the largest Chamber in Sumner County. President and CEO, Kathleen Hawkins, shares that the Chamber's mission is to help local businesses grow and prosper. While traditionally member focused, she emphasizes that, in a time of crisis, it is imperative they are a resource for all businesses throughout the Hendersonville area.

“We’ve always been a trusted resource to our members, long before COVID-19 and will continue to be through these challenging times and beyond. But now, more than ever, it’s important to connect and collaborate locally so we can stay strong through one another. We are welcoming all businesses to benefit from our services — whether it’s our virtual legal and small-business forums, online networking experiences, virtual conversations with elected officials, or social media promotion on our community resource page. For the sake of our community, it is our job to rise up and serve everyone in business.”

 “The greater business community can rest assured we are here to be your resource as COVID-19 continues to impact our nation.” she said. “We encourage you to take advantage of our resources for your business needs. We are regularly in touch with the U.S. Chamber, the Tennessee Chamber, the Small Business Administration, the U.S. Department of Treasury, and the State of Tennessee and we can help point businesses in the right direction, lend advice and resources, or simply be a sounding board.”

“We are a true community partner and are available to help all businesses across the Hendersonville area.” Hawkins said. “We hope businesses that have never heard of us will explore the resources we have available and know that we welcome them with open arms.” She reminds everyone, "We are stronger together, we have hope together, and right now, more than ever, we all stand together." 

For more information about FREE resources available for you and your business, visit  www.hendersonvillechamber.com or call 615-824-2818.

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