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Deb Chisholm


615 431-2443


1. What do you feel your biggest business accomplishment has been?

My greatest accomplishment has been changing the look of the industry.  When I decided to leave my job as an interior decorator and start designing baby bedding, I knew very little about the product.  I knew what I was seeing on the market was so generic and cheap looking.   I decided to use the home d├ęcor fabric I was familiar with to design baby bedding that went with the entire house.  My niece was pregnant with her first child and I knew I could make her something unique and more sophisticated than the styles that were currently being offered on the market. Since that first design back in 2005, the entire industry has slowly come around to my look.  Pretty much everything you see today are basically my designs that I started with in 2005.  Gone are the days of Barnyard Appliques, Teddy Bears & Primary Color Blocks.  It's a more sophisticated look now.

2. What do you love the most about your industry and what you do professionally?

That's so easy! It's definitely the customer.  We are so privileged to work with people at the absolute most exciting time of their lives.  The mommies to be that come in our door are so happy and excited, you can't help but be just as excited for them! I fall head over heels for "my mommies".  In fact, I've become really close friends with several of my customers. We really bond during the process.   The ones I love the most are the overwhelmed ones. They see all the possibilities and their brains are ready to explode.  Getting them focused and designing their very own custom bedding, not only makes them feel accomplished, but I feel the same as well.  I love when I see their eyes light up when they see what they have created.  It's more than a room in a house.  That room is pure love.  It where their family starts or grows.  I get to be part of that!  I'm incredibly blessed because of it!


3. How has the Hendersonville Area Chamber made a difference in your life and would you recommend the organization to others?

I love our Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce! Months before we ever found our location, we first came to the Chamber to get information.  The first person we met was Amanda Foster.  She was so excited that we were considering Hendersonville for our store.  We dropped in for some info and left feeling like we had a cheerleader for our business!  Then when we opened, I wanted to give something back to the community.  I wanted, to somehow put together a "baby shower" for those who were planning families in our community.  I had a vision to get them information they could use, introduce them to vendors and just have fun as a community celebrating family. I mentioned it in passing and next thing I knew I had Cassie Morren keeping us on task planning and spearheading the entire thing.  We had meetings and planning committees and before I knew it we had The Mid TN Baby & Beyond Fest in April.  There is talk of making this an annual event for our community! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, there was no way that would have happened without the Chamber backing us.  I'd still be in the planning stages.  I found out quickly the Chamber was here to help me with my vision and they weren't just talk.  They had a plan of action for me.  It helped so much and I made new friends in the process.

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