Our New Member of The Week


Keith Dennen

Farris Bobango Attorneys at Law – Dennen


615 726-1200 


1.      What do you feel your biggest business accomplishment has been? 


Since 1994, I have had the privilege of representing The Industrial Development Board of the City of Hendersonville, Tennessee.  Recently, the Board completed the refinance of bonds issued in 1997 to build Saundersville Road between Whitten Elementary and Vietnam Veterans, the Park and the bridge across Drakes Creek.  As a result of that refinancing, the bonds will be paid by 2021 (if not sooner).

2. What do you love the most about your industry and what you do professionally? 


Every day, I am contacted by someone who has a problem.  Most days, I can resolve that problem.  Some days, that means filing a lawsuit and litigating a decision.  But, I am able to provide some relief to people desperately trying to survive. 

3. How has the Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce made a difference in your life and would you recommend the organization to others? 


I have been a member since 1994, and I served as Chamber President in 1999-2000.  The Chamber has been an important part of my life and my professional career.  Thanks to the Chamber, I made contacts with individuals who I would have never met.  Many of these individuals remain my friends and clients.  Chamber membership is worth the investment of time and money.

4.  If you had any advice for another business person, what would it be? 


 Join the Chamber but don’t just be a number – be a Member!