You Need This on Vacation

You Need This on Vacation      

When you are planning vacation, you think about the places you'll see or the beach you'll lounge beside.  You pack your favorite book and the tropical print you wear once a year.  You plan your route, how long it will take to get there, and what distractions to have for the kids if it is a long drive.  If you are flying you compare airline deals and you pack your essentials in your carry-on and your liquid items according to regulations.

But where does fitness fit in on your vacation?  Here are a few ideas.

First, decide if you want to Use, Maintain, or Increase your fitness.  

USE IT - If you want to Use it, try hiking, skiing, learning to kiteboard, kayak, or surf in the ocean. Keep your eyes open for opportunities.  A few years ago we were in CO and a rock-climbing gym was having a grand opening.  Doug likes to rock climb and I had never tried it.  So, off we went for a free afternoon of indoor climbing.  (I'm glad it was free, because I discovered I find facing a wall for hours boring, despite the physical challenge of climbing.)

MAINTAIN IT - If you want to Maintain your fitness, consider the length of your vacation.  If it is a long 4 day weekend, your fitness will maintain itself and your body will appreciate the rest.  Don't plan any workouts, just stay generally active (shopping, sight-seeing, and so on).  

If your vacation is 1-2 weeks, you can ease back on your workouts and maintain.  For example, if you usually walk 4 miles on 5-6 days each week, then cutting back to 3-4 days will maintain your fitness.  If you usually lift weights or do yoga for an hour 3 days each week, make sure you get in 1-2 days to maintain your strength and flexibility.

If you are going for more than 2 weeks, you will need to keep up some of your normal routine.  

INCREASE IT -'s where the adventure spas come in.  You can create your "stay-cation" spa, too.  I'll post a whole blog on creating a wellness stay-cation.  

Can’t decide?  Then just ENJOY IT!



  • Sheri Traxler, author of Go Forward: 28 Days to Eat, Move, and Enjoy Life God’s Way.  ViREO Life

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