Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law Member of the Week

The Member of the Week program gives our Chamber members and also other citizens the opportunity to learn more about all the wonderful businesses, organizations, individuals and nonprofits that make up the Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law
Timothy L. Takacs & Barbara Boone McGinnis
615 824-2571

1. What do you feel your biggest business accomplishment has been?

Tim Takacs: My biggest accomplishment has been envisioning a new way to practice elder law that helps families address the personal challenges of caring for aging, disabled or chronically ill loved ones. The care-related concerns of elders and their caregivers had been overlooked in the practice of elder law in the past. This new approach (we call it Life Care Planning) represents a major shift in the support families can receive from an elder law firm, and it addresses the personal, financial and legal challenges created by a loved one’s aging, illness or disability. For us, it’s about more than just protecting an elder’s assets for the next generation; it’s about maximizing quality of life for elders and the family members who love and care for them.

Barbara Boone McGinnis: With a doubt being given the opportunity to become a partner in the firm this year.

2. What do you love the most about your industry and what you do professionally?

Tim Takacs: It’s hard to choose just one so I’ll limit it to two. I love that the practice of elder law has moved beyond being about just the money.  It has been a privilege to be a part of the transformation of the industry. Together with Barbara Boone McGinnis, my partner in the firm, I lead a team of professionals who are very passionate about serving as trusted guides during the long-term care journey. Second, I love helping people see that caring for elderly loved ones doesn’t have to require the overwhelming sacrifice of family caregivers as it once did, and that if you start the planning process early, you’ll have more options that you’ll have if you wait until there’s a crisis. It is very satisfying to see the relief on the faces of our clients and their families, often after the very first meeting.

Barbara Boone McGinnis: The Life Care Planning practice model is a unique approach to Elder Law and allows me (and our team) to work with clients and their families sometimes for years.  One of the things I love the most about what I do professionally is seeing family members have the stress of uncertainty and inexperience relieved by engaging our services.  It’s great to be hired but it’s an extra special reward when the representation comes to an end and the family tells you how valuable your service has been to them, we’ve made their lives easier, or they couldn’t imagine having gone through the experience without you. It is very humbling to be so trusted and included in this part of their life experience.  

3. How has the Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce made a difference in your life and would you recommend the organization to others?

Tim Takacs: The Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce has been a significant catalyst for the growth of the business community in our city and a relentless promoter of all things local. We appreciate the fact that whenever we submit press releases about the accomplishments of the firm or its members, Amanda always runs them.

Barbara Boone McGinnis: It’s a valuable connection to the community as a whole and I would recommend membership to all local businesses.

4.  If you had any advice for another business person, what would it be?

Tim Takacs: Develop a clear vision for how your value proposition can make a difference in the lives of others, then surround yourself with the talent you need to bring your vision to life.  

Barbara Boone McGinnis: Never quit trying to be better at what you do and who you are in life.