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Membership Levels and Benefits

The Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce has many levels of investment available to its members. Although basic level membership allows members to get involved and opt-in to various other events and services throughout the year, the higher investment levels allow for pre-paid inclusion into these programs or events at a discounted rate. Every investment level requires a one-time $25 administrative fee.

For more information on each of our membership levels, please call 615-824-2818.

Why Join the Chamber?

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It pays to be a member!

  • Consumers are 63% more likely to buy from a Chamber member than a nonmember
  • 95% of the "Best Places to Work in America" are Chamber members
  • Most consumers (59%*) think being an active Chamber member is an effective business strategy
  • If a company is highly involved with a Chamber, consumers are 12% more likely to believe that company's products stack up better than the competition
  • When consumers know a restaurant is a Chamber member, they are 40% more likely to eat there over the next several months
  • When consumers know an insurance company is a Chamber member, they are 43% more likely to buy insurance from that company
  • Consumers are 44% more likely to think positively of a small business that is a Chamber member; 63% would be more likely to purchase goods and services from that business in the future

*Source: A nationwide study conducted by the Shapiro Group

"The Hendersonville Chamber has been and will continue to be an important part of our business. We consistently exceed our previous year sales and a large part of this is from the chamber and our involvement in the community. The chamber has an outstanding staff that has your best interest in mind. We have done so well that we stepped out there to buy an additional business. This would have never happened if I was not involved with the chamber. We met at a chamber function so who knows if we would have ever met. I would recommend the Hendersonville Chamber to all businesses big and small. We appreciate everything they do and the membership fees are so small compared to the return on the investment."

Jim Butera, Local Business Owner ITS Techs

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