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Strategically located 18 miles NE of the center of downtown Nashville and 20 miles from Nashville's International Airport, Hendersonville attributes its rapid growth to geographic location and scenic beauty. The city has approximately 32 square miles of land and 26 miles of shoreline on Old Hickory Lake.

Hendersonville was first incorporated in July 1969 and the city officially began operation August 1, 1969. With higher than average family income of $56,489, Hendersonville is the home of a highly educated and affluent citizenry and is known throughout the state as one of the finest places to live, work, and play. It offers a unique blend of city living and spacious country surroundings.


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Hendersonville residents, their guests and many residents of Nashville and surrounding areas enjoy the lake all year round, whether fishing, picnicking, water skiing, jet skiing, camping, or taking paddle boat rides. Hendersonville also has the reputation as having one of the best park systems in the state.  Hendersonville has something for everyone.

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